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Facility Evaluation


Pinnacle can assist real estate brokers and facility owners with pre-purchase building evaluations and inspections. We look at roof systems, mechanical and electrical systems, structural concerns, code violations and overall construction quality before you purchase a building. We provide cost estimates that can be used in purchase negotiations and budgeting. We also can provide cost

estimates of improvements and preventative maintenance solutions that can prevent  larger expenses in the future.

Special Projects


 We are available 24/7 to perform maintenance and building alterations with minimal interruption to your daily operations. We perform many custom- tailored services for our clients and have a team of professionals ready to develop  new solutions for any of your facility needs .

Some of our custom-tailored services include:

Custom Carpentry/AdvancedWoodworking

 Wall Alterations/Demolition

 Hardware Updates

 Restroom Remodels

 Dumpster Enclosures

 Damage Repair (Interior & Exterior)

 Display Cases

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